Pastors Anthony and Kelly McMillanPastors Anthony and Kelly McMillan

Pastor Anthony McMillan received his pastorate I’m 1993 in Texas. He was immediately sent to pioneer a work in Wiesbaden, Germany. By the Grace of God, this work grew from one church to ten churches in coalition of 1500 people, of which he became the presiding Bishop. After 10 years of diligent service in Europe, a strong Godly impression for Pensacola, FL was realized along with the scripture (John 14:6) that would birth the name Pensacola Life, which would later be affectionately truncated to The Life Church.

Pastors Anthony and Kelly are diligent builders of the House of God. Pastor Kelly’s focus is instilling confidence in people though her gift of teaching. The Pastors at The Life have been equipped to give a Word from God that will meet you wherever you are.