Christmas Stress Or Christmas Rest

Christmas picPastor Kelly

Hi everyone,

we just about know what time it is!   It’s  about three and a half months away and it is called, “Christmas”.  Better known as the holidays.    I wrote a book called, “Christmas Stress or Christmas Rest”, you have to choose.  Do you want to be  stressful or restful.  Most of us  become stressful  trying to get everything done, go to everybodies party, make sure that I out do my neighbor with the lights, clean up the house until I am worn out,  getting an attitude because  I have to wash all these dishes by myself and on it goes!

We may say, “I have heard all of this  before”. But have you been doing it or will you still do it?  The Bible says to take heed to what you have learned least at anytime you let it slip.  This book(Christmas Stress or Christmas Rest)  should be read every year, least we forget and go into debt again,  The purpose of Christmas is not to go into debt.  It is “His” birthday!

It is good to have a day to celebrate Jesus birthday. However, it could not have been in December the coldest time of the year.  The Bible says that the shephards were sleeping out in the field with the sheep.   It would have been too cold!   I believe that Jesus was born around a warmer time.  However, once again, He was born!  Halleluiah!  I still sing Christmas songs through out the year, not just at once a year , because they praise and magnify HIS Name!

One of the main points I would like to  discuss is seeking Him like the wise men ! Matthew 2:1-18   Oh it blesses my heart to know that they traveled so far to worship Him.  The wise men saw His star in the east. There is only “one” star and that is Jesus.  When the wise men found Jesus he was about two years old . Why do you think Herod killed the boys two and under? Herod pretended that he wanted to worship Jesus  but it was just that, he pretended . Our carnal nature pretends that it wants to worship God but it really doesn’t.  We must be the same way during the holidays, travel to worship Him, to be in His presence.  What do I mean by travel?    Where ever you go to pray and spend time with Him, do it, continue to do it, even  during this time.   It is a lifestyle!   We do not stop just because it is the holidays.   Don’t take a break from God!   If you quit on anything, don’t let it be Him!    We need him!

So the wise men traveled and when they found Him, before opening their treasures, they worshipped Him.

Before opening the gifts, ( a gift to  God can also mean forgiving someone, helping someone, doing what He has told me to do)  give Him His time, worship Him.  Have family prayer! Read  scriptures to the family so they can remember why this time is so important.  Sure, God wants us to have fun. He came to give us life and life more abundantly!  So enjoy but don’t forget the Lord!

In verse 12, it says that the wise men went another way!   After worshipping Him, being in His presence, I can’t help but act a different way, go in a different direction. Why? I have been in the presence of the King!   I will not be the same after being in HIs presence.   They were also obedient and did what God told them to do.  There are times that we want to do things our own way.  Waiting can be more difficult than walking. In other words we are use to movement and it gets hard when we have to wait.

Enjoy the holidays, but don’t forget Him!

Christmas Stress or Christmas Rest!        You Choose!


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